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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Dunstable Downs sees E.ON UK employees go green

More than 50 E.ON employees from a Bedford customer call centre recently volunteered to give a helping hand to National Trust's Dunstable Downs Estate in Whipsnade, Bedfordshire in preserving natural habitats which are vital to the environment.
Over a fortnight, the unpaid assistants cleaned a big section of scrubland on Dunstable Downs Estate as part of a continuing scheme to help put an area of genuine chalk grassland environment, which at present is getting worse by the day, to its former beauty.

An enthusiastic helper, Graeme Dinner, stated: "We all mucked in to get as many jobs done as we could, from clearing a huge pile of brambles to helping chop down trees.

"After a very rewarding, but long, day's work, we all felt great as a team and knew we'd done our bit for the environment, community and the local flora and fauna - as this type of grassland is the perfect habitat for rare flowers and butterflies.

"We'd all love the opportunity to help out again, but maybe when the weather is a bit warmer!"

Assistant Warden of the estate, Marshall Eason, stated: "It was a pleasure to have the E.ON volunteers here to help us out as we managed to get so much more work done than we'd be able to do alone.

"They were all in such good spirits about being outdoors and doing something positive for conservation in this area, and are welcome to come back anytime."

Business Energy Services provider, EON, finds and supports volunteering opportunities which provide a rewarding challenge for employees as part of its wider community relations program. EON employees in 2006, from the goodness of their hearts, used up more than 30,000 hours helping people out in their free time, on schemes in their neighborhoods. They also uncover and back schemes which require volunteers and are challenging for their staff, which in turn benefits the community as a whole.

One of the UK's leading Business Gas and Business Electricity companies, E.ON generates and distributes electricity, and retailing power and gas - and is part of the world's largest investor-owned energy and Gas Company, and employs roughly 18,000people across the United Kingdom.

Friday, 9 November 2007

£10,000 grant boost for Solar energy scheme at Tunbridge Wells school from E.ON

Claremont Primary School Staff and pupils are rejoicing following being granted £10,000 which will help towards the cost of setting up a system powered by solar energy under Business Energy Providers E.ON's latest SOURCE neighborhood scheme.

Tunbridge Wells school, which is in Banner Farm Road in Tunbridge Wells, hopes to make use of the solar PV panels to connect climate change, alertness of additional natural world matters and healthy living to its students' learning.

Community Relations Executive at E.ON, Sarah Green, stated: "This is a great project and we were really impressed with the school's ambition.

"We all have our part to play in reducing carbon emissions, and E.ON's SOURCE project is designed to provide community groups with information and funding to help them make their buildings more sustainable.

"The SOURCE website brings together all the information community groups need to put their sustainable energy ideas into practice, and funding of up to £30,000 per application is available."

The roof, which is 6kW, mounted structure is expected to accumulate roughly 2,300kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year, any surplus energy which wasn’t used by the school will be sold back to the national grid.

Statistics from the structure will be employed in classrooms to give students on the dot news about the generation of energy, how to save carbon dioxide and patterns of the weather. The solar panels will shape part of a design to augment alertness of green issues amongst students, parents, staff, and the community in general.

Claremont Primary Schools head teacher, Richard Sutton-Smith stated: "We're indebted to E.ON for helping Claremont make its 'Protect Our Future' project a reality.

"Our children are immensely excited about this renewable energy system and their involvement with a sustainable future."

E.ON, one of the UK's leading green electricity generators, launched its SOURCE fund and website earlier this year to help with the costs of sustainable energy projects for community buildings.

This article has been brought to you by Jay Khan on behalf of EON
E.ON is one of the UK's leading business electricity supplier and business energy supplier - generating and distributing electricity, and retailing power and gas - and is part of the E.ON group, the world's largest investor-owned power and gas company. We employ around 18,000 people in the UK;

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

E.ON Thinking the ‘smart’ way for its corporate business clientele

As E-ON one of the United Kingdom's leading power and gas companies is so committed to altering the energy bazaar, they announced on Monday 22 October that they launched a Smart Billing proposition for corporate business clients for more than 50 web-sites.
Technology from Smart Meters will bestows companies with enhanced energy administration, supplying trustworthy and precise billing based on tenuously gathered readings from meters. This move helps businesses to better comprehend how they consume energy make it easier for them to reach their targets of reducing CO2 emissions.

Director of B2B Peter Haigh, of E.ON stated: "At E.ON we're committed to helping our customers achieve their low carbon objectives and help the Government to meet its carbon reduction targets.

"We're sure that our work in Smart Metering technology will have a huge impact for our customers in helping ensure our bills are timely and accurate, while also giving them the information they need to control their carbon emissions."

Numerous companies know of their commercial societal accountability and aspire to function as a low carbon energy corporation, keeping carbon emissions to a minimum and lending a hand in contributing towards a much more manageable environment.

The technology that smart billing offers, gives the chance and the facility to measure consumption trends, giving them a clear picture of their usage. In addition the smart meters will grant two way contact, thus making it a lot easier for the meters to be restructured

Visit if you would like to learn more about Smart Billing.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Powergen will officially be part of E.ON in December

One of the UK's leading electricity and gas companies, E.ON will be at Covent Garden during 22-24 October. E.ON has publicized that from 03.12.07 they will cease to make use of the Powergen brand and all customer communiqué will replaced by E.ON.

Managing Director of E.ON UK's Retail Business Graham Bartlett, said: "The look and feel of the E.ON brand has featured in Powergen communications for some time now. In December we'll complete that journey and all communications for residential and business customers will change to E.ON.

"Powergen has been part of E.ON since 2002 and this move confirms E.ON's commitment to the UK. We want to change energy for the better - where it comes from, how we get it to you and helping you to use it more efficiently - which is why we're launching a series of new ways to do all of these things."

As of today, all business to business clients can sign up to EasyGreen which will make it easier for companies to purchase green electricity and reduce their carbon footprint.

Additionally, all corporate customers of E.ON will now be able to access SmartBilling which provides organisations with the latest technology of meters to accurately keep track of all energy usage and maximize energy management.

Further to this, all customers and non-customers are being encouraged to take the Energy Challenge which can result in them having upto £1601 shaved off their electricity and gas bills by visiting The site uses a 360° virtual tour of an interactive house, a personalised energy efficiency report and tailored advice on how to economize your energy which would result in every-one saving money off their bills.

To learn more, turn up at the E.ON Experience which takes place in Covent Garden during 22 and 24 October, and will then visit other parts of around the UK. All visitors will be encouraged and welcomed to take part in the Energy Challenge and understand more about they can save energy and money off of their bills.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Workers from E.ON UK make there marks in the history books at Nottinghamshire National Trust park.

More than 200 volunteers who work for E.ON UK recently volunteered and gave a helping hand to important natural habitats at the National Trusts' Clumber Park.

Over the course of 14 days, the volunteers completed a variety of projects, including creating a natural ‘hump' barrier out of earth and turf to stop cars from entering and damaging a special site of scientific interest at the park.

The volunteers also cleared the site of an overgrown medieval fish pond, which is a unique historical feature which the National Trust specialists had not seen unearthed before.

Graham Horsley, one of the willing volunteers, said: "This is a great way to make a difference in our community and was also a great team building experience."

Aaron Taylor, who was also a volunteer, added: "It was such a good opportunity for us all to get out of the office and make a difference to an area that we need to look after for future generations."

Roy Turner, head warden at Clumber Park, said: "It proved to be an enormous task and all of the teams worked extremely hard and achieved a huge amount.

"I get great satisfaction working with teams from E.ON as they always get the job done, with a good dose of fun as an added extra!"

E.ON UK finds and supports volunteering opportunities which provide a rewarding challenge for employees as part of its wider community relations programme. In 2006, staff spent over 32,000 hours volunteering on projects in their local communities.