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Thursday, 16 August 2007

E.ON UK invites locals for a bat-tastic night time walk at Ironbridge Power Station

Thought I'd share a bit of news fromE-on with you all. After all this a blog for news stories.
Gotham City might be the usual habitat for Batman but E.ON UK's Ironbridge Power Station is now inviting local people to take a look at their local bat colony.

Bats, which are the only true flying mammals in the world, have been part of Ironbridge Power Station's nature trail for a long time now and the E.ON UK team is inviting locals to join them on a special night time bat walk around the Buildwas Abbey nature trail.

The bat walk is taking place on Thursday 16th August at 8pm and is FREE to all visitors with members of the Shropshire Bat Group on hand to offer their expertise and bat-watching equipment.

Mary Thornton, Community Liaison Officer at Ironbridge Power Station, said: "At Ironbridge we actively manage our site to encourage biodiversity so we want to know which species of bats we have around Buildwas and how we can best look after their habitat to make sure they stay here.

"Bats often get a bad press as scary night time creatures but they are actually fascinating little mammals, so we hope to offer everyone the opportunity to come along and find out more."

The nature trail is in the grounds of Buildwas Abbey, which was built in the 12th century and home to monks for over three centuries until 1536 when the dissolution of the monasteries brought an end to monastic life at Buildwas.

"We'll truly be walking in the footsteps of the monks who lived in the abbey - it's a magical location and a wonderful spot for discovering new habitats," said Mary. "So we'd encourage anyone interested to come down and join us to learn all about these intriguing animals.

"You'll be able to hear them around the nature trail, and hopefully see them if we have a fine evening, but spaces are limited so please get in touch if you'd like to join us - and don't forget to wear sturdy shoes, bring a torch and some warm clothes - Batmobiles optional!"

For further details and to book your FREE visit, contact the Ironbridge team direct on 01952 435 547.

Not a bad bit of news if I may say so myself.

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