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Monday, 15 October 2007

Workers from E.ON UK make there marks in the history books at Nottinghamshire National Trust park.

More than 200 volunteers who work for E.ON UK recently volunteered and gave a helping hand to important natural habitats at the National Trusts' Clumber Park.

Over the course of 14 days, the volunteers completed a variety of projects, including creating a natural ‘hump' barrier out of earth and turf to stop cars from entering and damaging a special site of scientific interest at the park.

The volunteers also cleared the site of an overgrown medieval fish pond, which is a unique historical feature which the National Trust specialists had not seen unearthed before.

Graham Horsley, one of the willing volunteers, said: "This is a great way to make a difference in our community and was also a great team building experience."

Aaron Taylor, who was also a volunteer, added: "It was such a good opportunity for us all to get out of the office and make a difference to an area that we need to look after for future generations."

Roy Turner, head warden at Clumber Park, said: "It proved to be an enormous task and all of the teams worked extremely hard and achieved a huge amount.

"I get great satisfaction working with teams from E.ON as they always get the job done, with a good dose of fun as an added extra!"

E.ON UK finds and supports volunteering opportunities which provide a rewarding challenge for employees as part of its wider community relations programme. In 2006, staff spent over 32,000 hours volunteering on projects in their local communities.

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